Rachel Yanku

Acrylic paint, Acrylic plastic on Wood. Substrates acting. Grey is concrete. Blue is water. Pink is flesh. Angle of my elbow, ridiculousness of "small painting", the seriousness of underpainting, and the scale of motion. Based in Brooklyn, NY. Bennington College (2020). Featured at Lake Studio Berlin (2019, Germany), Usdan Gallery (2020, VT), Frost Gallery (2021, NY), Apartment 306 (2022, NY), Tar Pit Cafe (2022, NY), Studio 9D/NYC Crit Club (2022, NY), NADA "Like a Child" Curated by Daonne Huff (2022, NY). She curates and hosts an ongoing series called ART SHOW in her apartment featuring emerging artists (2021-Ongoing, NY).

yanku_grey_four.jpg yanku_sculpture_face.jpg yanku_grey_one.jpg yanku_sculpture_tall.jpeg yanku_grey_two.jpeg yanku_grey_three.jpg yanku_sculpture_bluefoot.jpg yanku_painting_pinkshape.jpg yanku_grey_table.jpg yanku_grey_tabletwo.jpg